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Battery Display Low Voltage Module with Buzzer Alarm

Код ABI008
  • Вес 9.00g

Цена Eshop: 2,90 €

Количество: 5+ 10+
Цена: 2,76 2,73
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Описание товара

  1. The voltage display for detection of 1S ~ 8S lithium batteries can automatically detect the voltage and total voltage of each cell of lithium batteries. Support reverse connection protection.
  2. It allows you to understand your battery status at anytime and anywhere, and enables the battery to stay away from damage caused by over discharge or overcharge.
  3. When the voltage is lower than the set value, the buzzer will alarm and the red LED will flash. The default setting of factory is 3.3V, press the button to change the voltage setting, and the current setting of the user will be automatically saved.

Product Parameters:

  1. For testing of 1S-8S lithium battery
  2. Voltage detection accuracy: ± 0.01V.
  3. Group voltage display range: 0.5V ~ 4.5V
  4. Total voltage display range: 0.5V ~ 36V
  5. 1S test mode voltage range: 3.7V ~ 30V
  6. Low voltage buzzer alarm mode: 2S - 8S
  7. Alarm voltage setting range: OFF ~ 2.7 ~ 3.8V
  8. Size: about 40x25x11mm