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TERMOVIZORIUS Seek Thermal Reveal

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Built for the realities of work and play, the Seek Reveal handheld imager combines powerful thermal insight and a high-performance light in one durable device.
With a best in class detectable range of -40° to 626° F, Reveal lets you pinpoint specific sources of heat—and heat loss—up to 500 feet away, all at just the touch of a button.
Whether you’re a plumber searching for a clog, an electrician checking for a hotspot, a hunter tracking game, or a homeowner looking for peace of mind, Reveal delivers the insight and illumination you need to find, fix, and feel safe faster.
- 500-ft. viewable range
- 240x320 Display Resolution
- Detectable range of -40° to 626° F
- 36° field-of-view
- 206 x 156 Thermal Sensor
- Rechargeable lithium battery with 11+ hour runtime
- 300 lumen LED spotlight
- Seconds to set up, simple to use
- Removable MicroSD card for photo storage
- Compact enough for one-handed operation
- Vanadium Oxide Microbolometer
- 12? Pixel Pitch
- Chalcogenide Lens
- Long Wave Infrared 7.2 - 13 Microns
- Model: RW-AAA