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EDUKACINIS rinkinys - šviesoforas

Kodas IK072
  • Svoris bruto 40.00g

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Kiekis: 5+ 10+
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Prekės aprašymas

The small kit is now inlaid and the appropriate round bars are inserted into the corresponding holes. Carpentry glue and other tools are needed. It is more convenient to assemble.


  • Material: wooden
  • Function: Intelligence Development
  • Remarks:No Battery.Please bring your own battery.
  • Size: approx. 8x10.5cm
  • Suitable age: 4 years old and above
  • Contains: wood + battery box + electronic components + red, yellow, green LED lights

Assembly tips:

The blue line on the diode is the positive pole of the LED lamp, and the red line is the negative pole.
The voltages of the red and yellow diodes actually only require 1.8-2.2V, so a series resistor is needed.
Finite pressure action of electric resistance , so the diode will not be burned when long time use.

Know how:

  1. Understand some basic traffic knowledge, know the reason why red light stops and green light goes.
  2. Be aware of your own safety when you cross the road.

Experiment focus: Understand that traffic lights are applications of parallel circuits.
The red light stops, the green light goes, and the zebra crossing is safe.
Did you think about the traffic light on the road every time you heard this song? But do you know why the traffic light will be green for a while?
After learning this section of the experiment, you may understand the mystery The purpose of the experiment: To understand electronic components and understand their applications, learn some simple circuits.