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TAIMERIS VIRTUVINIS 120min 78x48x78mm

Kodas ALTT14
  • Gam. ženkl. TFA Dostmann GmbH
  • Svoris bruto 105.00g

Eshop kaina: 9,70 €

Kiekis: 3+ 6+
Kaina: 9,41 9,31
Min. užsakymas: 1 Kartotinumas: 1

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As the name suggests, the VISUAL timer makes the passage of time visible. As soon as the desired duration of minutes is set with the rotary knob – one minute to a maximum of 120 minutes – the remaining time is shown as a red display strip. You can see vividly and clear how much time is left on the countdown display. Once the time has elapsed, a beep will sound for 5 to 60 seconds, as desired. The volume can also be adjusted in two levels. Thanks to the battery operation, the timer rests very quietly without the mechanical ticking. The compact shape ensures a secure footing. It’s also great for use in school, homework or to limit the time spent on the computer, game console, smartphone or TV. The coloured display lets even small children see at a glance when the time is up and they can also easily adjust it.

  • Delivery contents Timer
  • Measuring range Time up to 120 minutes
  • Material Plastic
  • Assembling Freestanding
  • Power consumption Batteries
  • Batteries 2 x 1.5 V AAA Batterien
  • Batteries included No
  • Dimensions (B) 78 x (H) 48 x (L) 78 mm