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DVIEJŲ VARIKLIŲ valdymo modulis 7A 160W Umait: 6.5...25V 15A DC, PWM L298 logic

Kodas ABRM214
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Signal optocoupler isolation input, IO port can be directly controlled, without interference
Undervoltage protection, to prevent instantaneous high-current burned module
High-power TVS and electrostatic discharge circuit, inhibit the transient interference pulse and static, enhanced EMC performance, stable and reliable product, industrial design.
Control signal logic.
Note: Where 0 is low, 1 is high level, × is any level, when floating high.
Power supply voltage 6.5V-27V, power supply must not be connected to or over 27V, otherwise it may burn out the module, it is recommended that the power input in series 15A fuse.
Dual motor interface, each rated output current 7A, peak current 50A, the motor interface must not short-circuit,the proposed series 10A fuse.
Control signal voltage 3-6.5V, respectively, is the enable signal and the positive inversion control signal.
Enable signal terminal (ENA) input PWM adjustable speed, PWM frequency range 0-10KHz, PWM ;minimum pulse width 10us.
Installation hole diameter: 3mm, attention should be paid to prevent short circuit on the back of the circuit, you can add insulation pad or copper column to raise the circuit board.
Rated voltage 24V of the motor, the appropriate identification of rated power 115W and below or rated current of 7A or less the following long-term work of the motor.
Rated voltage 12V of the motor, the appropriate identification of rated power 40W and below or rated current 7A rated below the motor for a long time full of work.


  1. It is recommended that the rated output current of the power supply should be at least 2 times of the rated current of the motor so that the power supply can not supply the required voltage when the motor starts.Off the output lead to the phenomenon of motor pause.
  2. In the forward and reverse switch when the need to brake 0.1S above and thenreverse,not in the motor has not stopped when the commutation, or it may damage the drive.
  3. Drive module power-down, do not directly or indirectly, high-speed rotation of the motor, or motor generated electromotive force may burn the drive module.
    If the application requires a high-speed rotation of the motor when the drive module is powered down, it is recommended that the motor interface of the driver is connected in series with a relay (NO and COM terminals),and the relay coil and the driver are connected in common.In this way, when the power down,the relay will disconnect the drive and the motor connection.
  4. CAUTION Do not expose the drive to moisture. Do not short-circuit the components on the drive board.Do not Press the pins and pads on the board.
  5. Before you use the baby carefully read the description,as a result of damage caused by improper use of the module,do not change.

Working temperature -25 ℃ -80 ℃
Product size: 55 x 55 x 16mm